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>JMC’s Petrol card management cooperates with major petrol companies and therefore guarantees a comprehensive network of petrol stations enabling you to purchase petrol with ease.

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Petrol Management Services

Easy to use

JMC’s Fleet Petrol Card accepted by a thousand of Petrol Station in Malaysia to save drivers time when refueling their vehicles; JMC’s program also provides client with built-in controls, security and cost-saving

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Telematics System


JMC’s Petrol Management Services enable client to streamline administrative process; make it easy for drivers and administrator to log personal and business vehicle usage to enhance compliance and reduce abuse

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Value Creator

Improves / tranforms our business model with innovative and critical thinking. Create lasting, measurable value via revenue growth, profit expansion, effciencies, risk management and cost saving. Understands greater returns may require greater risks.


Promotes a one-team culture.Values diverse ideas. Demostrates cross-segment, functional and regional collaboration.Defines succes in enterprise value, not individual line of sight.

People Enabler

Engages others by sharing knowledge or training/coaching. Motivates team or team members. Gets the best effort from people. Gives credit where credit is due. Deals with issues directly and fairly.


 We offer exciting career opportunities within our fast paced, entrepreneurial environment.
Regardless of what experience you have, at JMC Business Helpdesk Sdn Bhd, you will be
given the training, support and opportunities to grow and flourish. We believe that standing
still is going backwards, so if you have the drive and determination to succeed, we want
to hear from you and vacancy that available are :

Full Time for Marketing Executive

Full Time for Business Development Executive

Internship for Marketing Executive

Internship for Accounting

Internship for Admin Assistant

Internship for Customer Service

If you want to be the one of our team member so this is the time for you to grab the
opportunity to join us. To apply please email your resume and CV at csd@jmcbusiness.com