Petrol Management Services

Corporate petrol cards can be extremely useful for businesses with a large fleet. Not only will the reimbursing process be long, complicated and hard to monitor, but mistakes could occur resulting in people not receiving the right levels of reimbursement.

This can all be resolved by effective corporate fleet management, usually through a corporate petrol cards. By paying for petrol on the card, an itemised bill can be paid at your convenience, usually by direct debit, and allow you to see where each transaction has come from and how much it was. This will allow you to monitor and control what is being spent.

Each bill will be itemised for easy understanding and allow you to make the correct claims if applicable. The benefits to an effective corporate fleet management system are limitless, especially if you have a large amount of vehicles to monitor. Petrol cards can be modified to have a limited spend, limited operating window, 24/7 access for all vehicles.

Your benefits from the full-service ‘Petrol card management' module at a glance:

• Comprehensive network throughout Malaysia thanks to Petronas and Petron

• JMC compiles a collective tax invoice for the petrol consumption of your entire fleet to ensure a simple billing process

• Consideration and optimisation of discount agreements, as applicable

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JMC’s Petrol card management cooperates with major petrol companies and therefore guarantees a comprehensive network of petrol stations enabling you to purchase petrol with ease.

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Petrol Management Services

Easy to use

JMC’s Fleet Petrol Card accepted by a thousand of Petrol Station in Malaysia to save drivers time when refueling their vehicles; JMC’s program also provides client with built-in controls, security and cost-saving

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Telematics System


JMC’s Petrol Management Services enable client to streamline administrative process; make it easy for drivers and administrator to log personal and business vehicle usage to enhance compliance and reduce abuse

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Fleet petrol management system is very useful for users because these technology-based tool that works with any pump-able liquid or gaseous fuel for attended or unattended fueling sites.

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